Floating Restaurant & Glass bottom Boat – BWT 13.95

Catamaran – Restaurant  with Submarine vision

BWT CAT 13.95


Overall lenght

13,95 mt

Lenght at the waterline

11,25 mt


7,40 mt


0,87 mt

Full load displacement

32.000 kg


100 + 4


2 x inboard 80 hp each

2 x inboard 140 hp each

2 x inboard 200 each

Fuel tank

300 lt

Fresh water tank

500 lt

Waste water tank

500 lt



Components and accessories in stainless steel, plastic and alluminuim

BWT CAT 13.95 is a fiberglass catamaran with submarine vision, used as a restaurant, bar and tourist trip, with three levels. Marine-style furnishings and carefully designed lighting points ensure a restaurant-like atmosphere combined with the optimal submarine view through the large windows.

1st LEVEL:

It consists of the two submerged lateral hulls, suitable for submarine observation and used as restaurant room, with tables in transparent material. The seats and furnishings are in a marine style with wooden finishes. The tables have two seats (for a total of 48 seats), all with submarine vision and a corridor in the center. The armchairs are padded and upholstered in faux leather. The hulls can be reached from the stern by two large stairs. The floor is made in fiberglass with non-slip surface.

2nd LEVEL:

The central hall on the second level is used for the reception. There are other tables and chairs along the sides, for another 20 seats and a large free area in the center for the bar or other uses. At the stern there are two toilets, one for the disabled, and changing rooms for the staff.

The floor is in fiberglass with non-slip surface or, alternatively, in wood.

Next to the steering room, positioned at bow, the kitchen room, to be equipped, is located. The bar counter is connected to the kitchen room.

The passenger embarkation is by the side, towards the bow. At the stern there is a platform for sea bathing and mooring. All around there is columns and handrails for the protection of passengers.

3rd LEVEL:

The sun deck can be reached by a staircase placed at stern of the central hall. A handrail is installed all around. There are also other tables and chairs for 32 people. The remaining space can be used as a sunbathing area, or with other tables and chairs.

At the bow there is a fringe wind spoiler.

The whole area is covered by a sun blind and water supported by a stainless steel structure.

Collective rescue equipment are positioned on both sides.

  • The side hulls are suitable for underwater observation and restaurant rooms
  • Boarding of passengers takes place from the side of the bow
  • The access to the side hulls is from the stern, through a stair
  • The floor of the central hull is made of fiberglass with non-slip surface or wood
  • The floor of the deck is made of fiberglass with non-slip surface or wood
  • On the main deck, at bow, there is a closed steering room, complete with a dashboard with two-levers steering for the control of the engines and steering wheel                                                                                                            
  • The boat is equipped with a cockpit for anchorage, a sunshade covering the entire passengers area on the second deck, mooring bitts both at the stern and at the bow and a tank for bilge discharges and accidental spillage of fuel, as required by EC regulation 94/25
  • An handrail with candlesticks for the protection of passengers is installed all around.
  • The engine consists of two Diesel Inboard engines with shaft.
  • Submarine vision is guaranteed by large windows made in acrylic 10 mm thickness completely immersed, positioned on the sides of the two hulls.
  • The boat complies with the anti-pollution regulations.
  • The bilge pumps are positioned in special housings in the engine room and in semi-submersible hulls.
  • A rigid fender alla round is installed.



Dashboard with two-levers steering for the control of the engines, steering wheel and captain chair   

Fuel tank 300 lt


Fresh water tank 500 lt

Waste water tank 500 lt

Battery switch

2 x battery 12V

2 x batteries 12V for engines

Control panel of electrical system

Water system

Anchor windlass

Mooring cleats

Automatic fire-fighting system in engine rooms, according to regulations

2 x hand-fire extinguisher


Bilge pumps

Navigation lights

2 x hand – headlights

Bath platform with ladder at stern

2 x toilet rooms

1 x changing room

1 x kitchen room

Bar desk in wood

Tables and chairs




Submarine lights

Individual safety equipment

Collective safety equipment

Gen set



Bow propeller

Anchor and chain

Ornamental lights

More powerful engine

Teak floor

Kitchen equipment

Bar equipment


BWT CAT 13.95 boat is built with:

  • Navigation class (S) “Navigating in calm waters no more than a mile from the coast”.

Approval of the plans by the Italian Naval Registry and the release by RINA to the shipowner of the necessary documentation to obtain navigability from the local port authority. Additional RINA practice fee: € 15,000.00.


One year on all fiberglass and mechanical parts, except engines that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Any repairs will be carried out at the place where the boat is located with travel expenses, board and lodging paid by the customer, both in the warranty period and later. For any repairs out of warranty the cost will be established upon presentation of an estimate.


The boat BWT CAT 13.95 is delivered divided into several parts, which can be transported by containers 40 “. Transport costs up to the port of arrival are at the manufacturer’s charge, with an economic contribution from the buyer.

The costs of customs clearance, VAT payment, customs duties and container transfer from the port of arrival to the final destination are at the buyer’s charge.

The boat will then be assembled to the destination by the manufacturer’s staff, with flights and accommodation costs at buyer’s charge, who must provide two people for help, an area suitable for assembly, handling and lifting equipment.

N.B. The assembly of the boat is easy to realize by means of mechanical screwing and can be easily carried out by the staff of the customer with the manufacturer’s instructions.