Miseno floating bar

Miseno Bar is a floating structure in the shape of a trimaran made of GRP hulls and a roof structure in steel and wood beams with partial awning.
The main deck has a central compartment used as a bar with a kitchen and toilet, one of which is for disabled people.
A bar counter is integrated into the structure.
The remaining space is set up with tables and chairs.
The upper deck is used as a sunbathing area or can be set up with other outdoor tables and chairs and can be reached by a spiral staircase or of different shapes on request.
M / B can be motorized for small movements with thermal or electric propulsion.
The measurements can be modified according to the client’s needs.
It can be made open with blinds, closed with windows and a cold air conditioning system for winter use.
The same structure can also be used as a restaurant with kitchen included.