Taxi boat 8.5

WI TAXI BOAT 8.5 is a V-shaped single-vessel boat designed to carry passengers.

The maximum capacity is 14 passengers plus crew.

TAXI BOAT WI 8.5 is a monohull boat with a V-shape, designed for the transport of passengers.

The maximum capacity is 14 passengers plus crew.

– The cabin that houses the passengers is semi-closed, with large sliding side windows and an opening on the cockpit. The seats are of the padded type with faux leather upholstery and are placed longitudinally on the sides of the cabin and in the cockpit.

– The driver’s seat is positioned forward, on the right side and consists of a captain’s chair, console with wheelhouse, engine control levers, tools, compass and steering wheel

– Passengers are boarded at the stern, on the right or left side.

– At the bow, below deck, there is a cabin for baggage storage. – The walking surface is made of fiberglass with non-slip surface.

– The boat is equipped with a steel handrail in the bow, rigid fender, bilge pump, engine starter batteries, batteries for the spoiler services with navigation lights and flag, depth light, horn, cockpit housing anchor, passouomo in the bow , mooring bollards in the bow and stern, antifouling. The boat WI 12 is a fiberglass motorboat created for passenger transport, with a deep keel mono-sail configuration.

The WI 12 is suitable for high-speed navigation.