Jack n.1/2

JACK, non-toxic compressor, was born to perform on-board services. No fatigue, no complicated decompression maneuver. Anyone, without particular experience and without problems, can dive to perform the various works of the sub-boat, such as inspections and descaling of the hull, unlocking and propeller inspection (tops, algae, etc.), still stranded, control and interventions on the rudder, objects recovery fallen outboard in ports, control and cleaning taken at sea.
In addition to these primary uses, we propose JACK as a safe, valid and simple tool to approach underwater photography, to overcome the initial fear of diving, as a valuable tool in the teaching of diving technique, especially for beginners and teenagers, as valid help for archaeological research, pisciculture and underwater work in general.
Maximum depth: 1 person 10/12 m – 2 people 5/6 m.