About us

Our slogan is:
If you buy a boat you spend money, if you buy one of our boats…YOU MAKE MONEY!


Watergames International produces passenger boats with underwater vision and boats for the tourist trip since 1995. Together with the totally Italian design, the winning idea was to give everyone the opportunity to see the bottom of the sea without diving.

Glass-bottom boats had existed for a long time. We have conceived a different way of submarine vision, increasing the visual field, being our boats equipped with semi submerged hulls and with large convex-shaped windows. The lens effect brings the visual field closer, giving the possibility to see at greater depth.

Our models have been designed to be built in a modular system, transported by container because they can be dismantled and designed to provide a pleasant and comfortable tourist trip.

The range of boats we manufacture includes:

YELLOW SUBMARINE: a small boat with underwater vision, of 4 meters length that can accommodate up to 4 people. Ideal for rental.

BWT SERIES: passenger vessels with underwater vision. From 6.5 meters to 12 meters length. From 14 to 48 passengers.

BWT CAT 13.95: catamaran restaurant with underwater vision of 14 meters length, capable of accommodating up to 100 people. Carefully designed furnishings in naval style ensure the atmosphere suitable for the restaurant, combined with underwater vision. A guaranteed success.

The catamarans restaurants can be built from 12 to 30 meters in length.

Floating bars and restaurants

– Floating platforms for tourist use